Friday, March 25, 2011

Fileting a fish

Last night in class, we deboned (boned?) a flounder. It's a flat fish, so easy to feel the bones and there are no (or few) pin bones to pull out. I did ok - need practice, but it was the first time I've even seen it done. We lightly pan-fried the filets and topped it with a brown butter, lemon and parsley sauce and then topped that with demi-glace (really reduced veal stock).

Alongside the fish, we served duchess potatoes. These are basically twice baked potatoes, but piped with a star tip instead of refilling the shell and then baked off again. Good, but tasted like twice baked potatoes.

We also make English Pea Soup. I love peas, so I really enjoyed this. You add bacon flavoring to the soup, so it's a bit smoky along with the bright pea taste. It's a thick soup and mine ended up a bit too thick, but it was enjoyable and filling. Just need a little cup of it as a starter.

Nice to have an evening at home - have a little school work to do, but I'm home and can get to bed early. Expecting snow on Sunday - ugh! Guess it will be a good day to stay home and cook.

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